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About Me:
Zender Canizales was born in 1974 in Guatemala City, Guatemala. Raised in Los Angeles California, from the age of 6 he followed in the artistic footsteps of his older brother Carlos Canizales. Teaching himself to draw, Airbrush and Paint, He studied fine art and illustration at Bell Senior High School and also studied at Clark State Community College, and graduated with an Associate Of Applied Business in Graphic Design Technology degree in 2011. Back in California, Zender created murals for his high school, later on creating additional murals in Toledo, Ohio. Zender went on to marry Gwen Kelly in 2009, in which good fortune added a daughter to his family of two sons.
Zender’s artwork has been seen in Toledo, Ohio’s International Non-Profit Community Convention-2003, Springfield, Ohio’s...
Dayton, Ohio, United States