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James Lambert - Gave 1 kudo
Said "a HUGE hello, yovelah!!! what a sensational voice, chicago songbird!!! where can i find your fabulous music???" to Yovelah
Over 30 days ago -
James Lambert - Gave 1 kudo
Said "what a sensational voice, youvlah---------thanks for sharing!!!" to Yovelah
Over 30 days ago -
Yovelah - Added portfolio item
Me working with ZCE in downtown Chicago. Making music... making history!
Over 30 days ago -
Song Writing portfolio item
Brenda pearl - Over 30 days ago
love it :)
James Lambert - Over 30 days ago
still love this piece----listen to it nearly every a.m., yovelah!!!
James Lambert - Over 30 days ago
hello again---love your music. period. =)
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Highly experienced recording engineer seeking long term employment in the field of sound recording, editing, arranging, producing, live engineering, or musical performance.
Columbia College Chicago- IL BA: Major: Vocal Performance Minor: Music Business
• Analog or digital recording, editing, mixing, and mastering experience.
• Experience as studio recording engineer.
• Knowledge about how to use multi channel mixers for sound and recording reinforcement.
• Ability to use using industry-standard Pro Tools 7.1 software for hard drive recording, Abelton
• Strong experience in live concert/recital recording and live sound/PA operation.
• Music composition, production, and arranging experience
• Talented...
Chicago, Illinois, United States