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WIndBLOws - Added portfolio item
Hannah-Claire Vann: aspiring scriptwriter and author. I am looking for a challenging scriptwriting opportunity that will help me excel whilst using all of my talent. Interested in making creative friends here and possibly work with them in future projects.
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WIndBLOws - Updated status
Said "Scrawling through the job section to find a script job. Could make one up myself but I doubt a 17 year old holds such power"
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Leon Bowman - Over 30 days ago
Not only was I taught as a 17 year old;'The only bad Art is NO art' and "Never undersell yourselves!!!" I had to overcome also but in the other century. Walk with me my Sweet!.......leon
WIndBLOws - Over 30 days ago
It is hard NOT to undersell yourself though as this industry seems to appeal to older people but I am however attempting to get better at selling myself. Surely you can teach me more of the creative world and this site lol
Leon Bowman - Over 30 days ago
I saw myself in the mirror and understood why I shouldn't ever do this! 'YIKES!!" But others may agree that when you tend to near you first half 'a century, one tends to consider the finer points, that are normally overlooked. But please do not hurry on anyones account! It took me a very long time to achieve this and I will cherish every nano-second with all of you at
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I am a seventeen year old aspiring screenwriter and theatre writer. I love writing, it's my life and everything I see myself as.
Cardiff, Neath Port Talbot, United Kingdom