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Said "I presently do a daily sports editorial cartoon on nesn.com. The cartoons address the politics of sports and I like to target the "big shots" of sports: Bud Selig, NFL television etc."
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My name is Will O’Toole and I am a syndicated sports cartoonist. I am hoping I can speak with you because I thought you that you might be looking for a another perspective on your website Awful Announcing: sports editorial cartoons themed to sportscasters and talk show hosts. My work provides a different perspective combining politics and sports. I have previously worked for sportingnews.com, foxsports.com and
cbssportsline.com and am currently with oppositepicks.net. I have attached samples of my work, two of which selected for inclusion in Best Editorial Cartoons: 2009.Additionally, I am the only cartoonist that has voted for the Heisman, Wooden and Naismith Awards. Thank you for your interest and look forward to hearing from you.
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