William Spearrin, Jr.

Freelance Proofreader & French Translator


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About Me:
I am a physically disabled 32 year old man that had brain surgery last year, and lost none of my cognitive abilities thankfully. Around the year 2005 I was married and moved to a smaller town in my home state Maine, the town of Norway. It is here that I applied and was accepted to the position of proofreader of the local newspaper "The Advertiser Democrat." I am 3 electives away from getting my B.A. in International studies from the University of Maine at Farmington. I am undergoing major life problems right now due to the brain surgery, which caused me severe emotional management problems. Prior to the job I held at The Advertiser Democrat, and since, as a matter of fact, I had problems holding jobs due to my epileptic seizures. My employers never liked the fact that I frequently fell and...
Auburn, Maine, United States