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William H. Stroker - Added portfolio item
This is more nonsense to me then it is poetry but, this is the one my roommates told me to post.
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William H. Stroker - Added portfolio item
This is one of my short stories that is sort of a work in progress. Although the story is complete it still is in desperate need of revision and editing. I have many other projects I am working on but, they are not copy written yet and I'd rather not have them stolen. I posted this story here just to sort of give you an idea of my writing style. (Although keep in mind I am highly adaptable to any stye or genre that the job entails.)
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Creative Writing portfolio item
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About Me:
William H. Stroker is of course just a pseudonym that I write under. If the humor behind this name is completely lost to you, I suggest that you consult a ten-year-old. My real name is Brian David Gray. I was born and raised in a small town called Sidney Nebraska and still currently reside there. I drive a semi truck for a local food delivery service. Although, I only plan on continuing this line of work until my career as a male model/astronaut takes off. However, I’m almost certain that this delusional potential occupation is undoubtedly out of my reach. One can only dream.
As far as my worth as a writer is concerned, I am a high school graduate and have no other further education in English, Grammar, or Literature in any sense. In other words my sentence structure and spelling more...
Sidney, Nebraska, United States