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Said "I just finished a project called "Still I Breathe". It's a hand drawn animation and absolutely gorgeous. One of those short films that you want to watch again immediately after you viewed it for the first time. I composed the score, hired the musicians, Produced the Foley and was the Sound Designer for items that needed an original creation. The Visuals were an inspiration and the directors were such a joy to work with that I invited them to stay at my house, if they attend the Seattle Film Festival."
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Wenda Zonnefeld - Over 30 days ago
"Still I Breathe" Won New York's MetroCAF! :)
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This is one of the first films I ever scored. It won a Gold Medal in Excellence in Original Music in a Short Film in the Jazz Genre at the Park City Film Music Festival. The director was Ilona Rossman Ho. I also won two Silver Medals. All films were different genres of music and different directors.
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· Wenda owns a professionally designed studio where she creates music/sound with stellar results. If you would like a sample CD made to your specifications, just ask and she will give some custom examples. · Wenda is a multi-instrumentalist (13 instruments and counting) with professional experience both playing and singing (four ½ octave range) and voice over experience. . Wenda has connections with many top Seattle area musicians. Knowing this information saves valuable time. · Recording live in the Seattle Area can save you tens of thousands of dollars by hiring The Northwest Sinfonia – Who are their own union and deal in buyout contracts of their performance. The Northwest Sinfonia has recorded many films and has even helped some of those films win awards for best score at multiple top award Festivals. · If you are not recording live, Wenda has amazing sound libraries and the ability to make them sound very real. A hybrid of digital and live is also an option.
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Wenda Zonnefeld - Added portfolio item
Wenda is a multiple award winning composer with the rare combination of musical talent, technical talent and hard work ethics. Several of Wenda’s “gifts” should be mentioned. One is the ability to generate the same numbers as the” Auricle“ software Another is Wenda’s ability to compose any style of music. Wenda recently won the “Gold Medal of Excellence in Original Music in the Jazz Genre for a Short Film” and Two “Silver Medals for Excellence in Original Music For a Short Film “ at The Park City Film Music Festival. She is also the composer for “Bushi – Go” a mobile phone game company. Link of films :
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Multiple Award Winning Composer of original music for films, games and other media. Composer and creator of Branding Sounds or Melodies. Owner of professionally designed sound studio - recording both live and digital or Hybrid (combination of live and digital). Listed on the Imdb. Performer on wind and percussion instruments as well as voice. Sound designer, recording and tweaking original sounds. Also very good at correcting and repairing sound tracks.
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