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Amber Manos - Added portfolio item
One panel comic of General Grievous home sick.
Over 30 days ago -
Comic Art portfolio item
Henry "Danny" Ahlers - Over 30 days ago
Have you ever dont other character desgins?
Like creating a character based on information from the client?
Or can you?
Henry "Danny" Ahlers - Over 30 days ago
Contact me if you can.
Amber Manos - Added portfolio item
Logo design for my website
Over 30 days ago -
Logo Design portfolio item
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About Me:
Hello and thank you for taking the time to read a little bit about me. I am an aspiring cartoonist/animator who also loves photography. I am dedicated and talented but am not very experienced.

My drawing style is a bit like manga but still has more realistic tones to it. I have been drawing all of my life, it truly is a passion. I take direction well and if you have a vision of what you want I will work very hard to make sure you get what you ask for.

As for photography, I am still a beginner is most regards. I enjoy editing photos. My favorite subject to photograph are nature, buildings, cities, or run down areas. I understand lighting set up for studio shoots as well.

- University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee 2004-2009
- DIVAS (Digital Imaging Animation &...
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States