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I have written extensively for Roundel Magazine, the official publication of the BMW car clubs. Your consideration is appreciated.
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Vincent Lupiano's credentials and experience cn be viewed on his Website:
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Have extensive speech writing experience with major Fortun 500 companies. Please see my resume. Thanks.
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About Me:
Vincent Lupiano
840 Ramapo Valley Road
Oakland, NJ 07436
Phone: 201.651.0747

• 30 years writing speeches, corporate communications & publications, Websites
• Published author: three novels, three screenplays, one book
• Ability to prioritize and remain focused on the essence of an issue
• Excellent with customer support services
• Skilled at learning new concepts quickly while working well under deadlines
• Complete bio and qualifications can be seen on my Website:

1991 to present - Freelance Writer Oakland, NJ
Speechwriter / Writer, Corporate Communications / Novelist / Screenwriter
• Speechwriter to senior executives (i.e. IBM, Coca-Cola)
• Corporate Clients:...
Oakland, New Jersey, United States