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these are some of my songs i have written recorded and produced
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Said "Doing some painting lately. Watercolour to be precised. It's a new media to me and I really enjoy it. still learning how to controll the paint. Other than that, looking out fior that awsome 3D character animation gig! here is a reel with some of my work i put togather a few months ago"
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Vihren Paounov - Over 30 days ago
Vihren Paounov - Added portfolio item
This is some of my work as a 3d character animator. clips are from games and TV series. samples date back to 2000 when i first started working on a TV series called "Sitting Ducks" to 2011 with samples of soldier character i animated for Gameloft.
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About Me:
I am an experienced 3d character animator. I have been working in Toronto since 2000. I have worked in TV series, commercials, and games. for a sample of my work please visit
I am also a songwriter and music producer:,
Toronto, Ontario, Canada