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Victor Michal - Added portfolio item was conceived from a desire to combine political and social commentary with a healthy dose of historical reference and (you guessed it!) logic. Our history makes us who we are, and significantly influences our daily decisions, whether we know it or not. In addition to educating the average reader in both American and World history, my hope is that people will attempt to make educated and informed decisions, rather than reactive, knee-jerk decisions as you would find in a typical media report.
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I offer a skill set consisting of good grammar, sentence structure, and extensive (but not confusing) vocabulary. I strive not to bore readers with my writing, and do my best to keep any topic from sounding monotonous.

In regards to experience, I am currently writing a fictional novel, and also maintain a blog ( ) that offers opinion and commentary articles on politics, culture, and history. Should you desire to read samples of my work, you may find them there.

My professional background consists of an 8 year career as a real estate broker, where I gained much experience in writing both marketing and legal dialogue. Humor is another topic which I enjoy writing, and my sense of humor and easy nature makes me an ideal candidate with whom you can happily do...
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