Varun Nand

Freelance Electrical Engineer & Embedded Systems Programmer


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Said "We are looking for someone to develop a simple wireless power supply that is battery operted. Volage regulated between 2- 16. At the moment its regulated using a tiny screw driver/ pin but we would like it to have a + and - button to make it easier. We alreday have a prototype and the idea is the improve the quality of what we alreday have and find or create a battery which is smaller and has more power. ( the battery is rechargable) 3.7 600mha 25C At the moment its a lithium battery 42mm 25mm 8mm 2 hour battery life. We would like to reduce the size if possible and have the same or more life as well as imprive the quality. Thank you for your response. Best Wishes" to Varun Nand
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Electrical Engineering
Embedded System Programming
About Me:
• Bachelor of Electrical and Electronics Engineering

• Embedded Systems Engineering
• Software Engineering
• Microelectronics

Professional Attributes:
• Design of Electrical Power Systems
• Design of Electronics Systems
• Embedded Hardware and Software Design
• FPGA Design and Development
• VHDL and Verilog Programming
• Software Engineering using SDLC
• C/C++ Programming
• Knowledge of Real Time Operating Systems
• Knowledge of Distributed Computing
• Computer Aided Design (Visual Studio IDE / AVR Studio IDE / Altium Designer/Matlab/Xilinx ISE/Visual Paradigm UML)
• Experience in Traffic Engineering Sector
• Experience in Industrial Systems Engineering
• Experience in Bio Medical Electronics
• Excellent communication skills
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia