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Freelance Illustrator & T-Shirt Designer


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About Me:
Hi, my name is Troy Brolin. I am looking for an outlet in the community to share my skills and to be expressive. I enjoy diverse styles and forms of art. They each have their own unique nature and compelling qualities. My favorite is illustration because most imaginative ideas that spwans from my mind starts with a pen or pencil in my hand. I can render anything from fine art to line art, cartoons, graphic design, and typography to name a few. I am enthusiastic and passionate about what I create so I do it with the best of my abilites. I totally am a hands on kinda guy but, I also like to intertwine my artwork into a digital media as well. As much as I love art I also, enjoy working with a group. I believe we all can aspire to become what we will our minds. Its in a group, that we can...
Vancouver, Washington, United States