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Said "Skillful writer, editor and speaker" to T.Jensen Lacey
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Said "Currently editing two books: one of mine (previously published elsewhere, rights reverted to me) and another author's book (a thriller). Also just entered a photography contest for travel writers! The photo here is of me and my spouse in Scandinavia a few months back. What you see in the background is one of the largest glaciers in the world, and it has been growing exponentially since the 1940s, the park ranger said."
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Alex Onassis - Over 30 days ago
Karen and I both may blow you away with the things we've survived. Maybe we should all get together. I look forward to meeting you. I'll give you a call next week. I'm living in Pensacola now. Thank you for your quick response. A.
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Said "Looking for someone who can write a booking my life. So many People have told me to do but I just don't have that skill. Some of the things I've survived and made it To where I'm at today .. You may not believe but I have the Proof of it being true .. Just let me know" to T.Jensen Lacey
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T.Jensen Lacey - Over 30 days ago
Sorry I didn't see your post until now, Karen. My cell is 931.801.7495. Hope to hear from you.
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I am an author of 14 books, 6 book contributions, and more than 800 articles for newspapers and magazines. My website has more information: www.TJensenLacey.com.
What my website doesn't say is that I have interviewed thousands of people for my books and articles and would feel quite comfortable writing your memoirs. Please contact me when you're ready.
Fairhope, Alabama, United States