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Said "I am in the middle of my first writing project, which is comedic peek into the craziness that embodies the criminal justice process. I have written the material, but I need a cartoonist to bring my ideas to life. I need about twenty-five cartoons. I would like to speak to you about price rate and how long you would expect the project to take. Please find enclosed the xtranormal skit that I created more than seven years ago, which gives you some idea of what my current intentions are:" to Timothy Scully
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About Me:
Matt Scully
619 Laura Drive Falls Church, VA 22046
Phone: 571-205-6210 E-Mail: Website:

Ultimately I want to create original stories for online and published comics. To attain this goal I’m seeking a position that would not only benefit from my talents as an artist and a writer but would also give me experience in art production.

George Mason High School 2000-2005
4.0 Grade Point Average for Senior Year

Savannah College of Art and Design 2005-2009
Received a four year partial academic scholarship
Off Campus Trip to New York City in June 2008
Received Bachelors of Fine Arts Degree in May 2009
3.3 Grade Point Average

Savannah College of Art and Design 2009-2010
Received a two year partial academic...
Savannah, Georgia, United States