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Freelance 3D Graphic Designer & Graphic Designer


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About Me:
I am a up and coming video editor that has been 100% self-taught. I have been working with video for 10 yrs which started in highschool. Every school project I ever had I asked to make a video about it and when I did I was the one that shot, wrote, directed and edited all the film on my own. I have gotten very involved within the last 2 years with Final Cut Pro and recently with Motion 5. I am in the military and during my tour in Iraq I spent much of my time shooting video for my own recollection of everything that went through over there. On my spare time I shoot and edit small videos for my Aid Station for medical classes. I am understandably "green" in the world of professional video editing so I figured I would try out my services here. I will charge a small hourly rate and keep full...
Killeen, Texas, United States