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Tim Kallok - Added portfolio item
This is an animation excersize I completed while at school. I am responsible for all animation, layout, modeling, texturing, lighting and rendering. The character is the "Norman" rig, but I modified the head and modeled his clothes. It was completed in Maya, rendered with Mental Ray, and composited in Fusion.
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3D Animation portfolio item
Tim Kallok - Added portfolio item
This is a short film I completed while in school. I am responsible for the character animation, scene layout, modeling of the mineshaft set, pick axe prop and the prospector's clothes. (Other background props were from TurboSquid.) I lit and rendered the scene using Mental Ray in Maya. I used the Morpheus Rig by Josh Burton. I did the sound design using Apple Soundtrack Pro. The song is "Arkansas Traveler" by Wade Ward.
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3D Animation portfolio item
John Williams - Over 30 days ago
About how long did it take to animate that????
Tim Kallok - Over 30 days ago
Hey John,
I worked on it over the course of about 6 weeks off and on, but I would say the animation took a solid two weeks working full time on it. Thanks for the kudos :)
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Recently, I have completed my BFA in Animation at California College of the Arts. My passion in life is for all things animation. I love creating compelling character performances with unique acting choices that show the character’s personality. Storytelling is very important in my work and plays a pivotal role in my creative process. I have over 2 years of professional animation experience working in a production environment. I work very well within a team and thoroughly enjoy the collaborative nature of animation production. Currently, I am seeking an entry level character animator position, animation internship or animation freelance jobs.

Associate Animator, Double Helix Games Irvine, CA January 2008 - January 2009
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