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Thomas G Frug"e - Added portfolio item
Have experience as a movie extra in three movies,"Come See the Paradise,"Last Boy Scout" Was in ShowTimes"Red Shoe Diary" and had a short speaking part in "Mailbu Summers". I'm a gifted artist in Drawing ,Painting and sculpturing people and landscapes,also do cartoons characters. Do Photography as a Hobbie,and have sold many Photographs and Paintings in art galleries. I also enjoy singing .Have a good Rock n Roll voice. Good at doing many imitations of people and famous actors and cartoon characters. Have been in trouble for imitating teachers in school or bosses at work. Looking for a chance to use my talents in the entertainment industry. To make a career out of something I love to do,enjoy and that I'm good at.. Hope to hear from you. Sincerely Thomas Frug'e
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Thomas G Frug"e - Added portfolio item
Been a movie extra in three movies,"Come See the Paridise" ,"Last Boyscout" ,"Malibu Summers", one cable series Showtimes "Red Shoe Diaries". I'm a gifted artist; Draw ,Paint,sculpture ,Photograph people and landscapes. Good at building models and crafts. Enjoy singing with my brothers in a garage band,been told I have a good voice. Can do charactor voices of famous people ,cartoon charactors and ordinary people. Have gotten in trouble with my teachers and Bosses for impersinating them. :)) Looking to get into the Enterainment Field and do the things I enjoy doing as a career. Hope to hear from you! Sincerely Thomas Frug'e
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About Me:
Singer .
Classic Rock songs. AC/DC/,Doors,Creedence, Lynard Skynard,Roy Orbison,style
Voice Overs Shawn Connery,W.C. Fields,Irishman, englishman, Russian.
Movie Extra " Come See the Paridise" ,'Last Boyscout"," Red Shoe Diaries", "Malibu Summers".
Artist ,Drawing ,Painting, people and Landscapes. Photography also.
Lake Forest, California, United States