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About Me:
Tiandra M. Callaway
2624 Scott St. Apt. B
Little Rock, AR 72206
Phone: 859 433 0124
E-mail: tmc279@hotmail.com

Summary of Qualifications
*Thirteen (14)+ years of writing experience, established through personal interest
*Literature and journalism influence while acquiring B.A. degree
*Five (6)+ years of proofreading for peer development
Summary of Publications
*Multiple www.poetry.com submissions under my name, no pseudonyms
*Nature’s Echoes anthology submission, 2002
*Various articles for the Kentucky State University newspaper, The Thoroughbred News, 2002-2003
*Kentucky State University’s annual literary magazine, The Kentucky River, 2004

Work Experience
*Faculty, Arkansas Baptist College, Little Rock, AR - current
*Former teacher of English for Fayette...
Little Rock, Arkansas, United States