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Said ""Allo Thalia! I am looking for French to English translators for an upcoming project and I was wondering if you might be interested. Please let me know as soon as possible as the project is on the 'front burner' so to speak and I need to know as quickly as possible if you might be interested, there are just a few spots left and you have the absolute best background in this that I've seen and I would love it if you decide to come onboard. The project includes graphic novels and comic book series. Hope to hear from you soon mon ami!" to Thalia Harris
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Thalia Harris - Added portfolio item
The final portfolio for my translation class, consisting of English translations of Charles Baudelaire poems.
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French Translation portfolio item
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This is a collection of my non-fiction, editorial writing.
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Thalia Harris - Added portfolio item
My final portfolio for my genre fiction class.
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About Me:
Thalia Harris

• Oberlin College, Oberlin, OH. B.A. May 2012
o Major: East Asian Studies, Concentration in Japanese Studies
o Minor: Creative Writing
o Languages: Proficient in French and working knowledge of Japanese.
o Courses Related to Translation
? Theory and Practice of Translation, Fall 2009, Oberlin College, Instructor: Justine Pas
? Translation Workshop, Spring 2010, Oberlin College, Instructor: Kazim Ali

Language-Related Experience and Recognition
• Ninth Annual Oberlin College Faculty/Student Bilingual Poetry Reading (Translation Symposium Participant, April 13th 2010
o Present original translation of Charles Baudelaire’s poem “A Une Dame Creole”
o Explain process of performing translation

• FLES French Teacher, Columbia High School, Maplewood,...
North Jersey/NYC metro, New Jersey, United States