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I am a white male, 59 years of age and just finished my first novel. I am a Vietnam veteran and work a steady job on a 3 week rotation in Alaska's Prudhoe Bay oilfield. I started writing as a hobby and became hooked by it. At this time I am half way thru another novel. I have a website (www.alaskaNfiction.com). The most amazing thing I discovered about writing fiction, or at least in my case, was how the characters would come to life and take me with them to never before thought of places. My motto is: YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT YOU CAN DO UNTIL YOU TRY. So..... just surfing around to see who and what might happen with this writing addiction. Give me something to do and only pay me what it's worth to you. this way we'll both be happy and I can see where I stand in this new writers world. Thank...
Anchorage, Alaska, United States