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My name is Terrence Cain, I am 28, and I am currently in college working towards a bachelors in print journalism. I currently write two blogs. One for college and the other for my own personal music page. I wrote a short story and some poetry that will soon be posted to the college's web page. I love to write in all kinds of formats. I grew up on comic books with writers like Chris Claremont and Howard Mackie. My favorite novelists include Herman Melville, Robert Lewis Stevenson, and Mark Twain. If you're in need of a writer, then I'm your man.
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About Me:
My name is Terrence Cain, and I'm a fiction writer. I post my short stories on my Blogspot page, and I am currently working on some books. If you need a fiction writer, be it for a comic, an animated series, or even a movie, then please reach out to me. Link to my Blogspot is on this page.
Plano, Texas, United States