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This is a fanart drawing of ZUB's Touhou character Wakasagahime from Touhou14: Double Dealing Character. I drew this in the month of August during one of my computer classes and finished it at hoem. This drawing wasdone in Microsoft Paint 2011 using a mouse. You can also view the drawing on my deviantart.account: Time used: 2-3 days
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Takya Millender - Added portfolio item
There's been a lot of Bottle Miku fan art so I decided I'd draw something for a T-shirt design contest. I have to say I've gone bottle-crazy! I am hoping to practice on water and fish while working on some more fan art.
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Hi, I am Takya Millender. I am an artist who lives in Mississippi looking for a bit of extra cash for expenses during college. I am okay at digital art and like to take my time doing things. I have been drawing for 8 years since the 3rd grade. I am not very great at drawing buildings, nature, or animals. I am though great at drawing manga and anime. I hope you will take that into mind before hiring me. :)
Moss Point, Mississippi, United States