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Said "Right now I'm updating Excel Macros that use information uploaded from a label scale into a spreadsheet to create reports that show how many items were weighed and the total weight per unit. The macro also creates an invoice that bases price by the type of product. The goal for this macro is to minimize the user entry involved, although they can make changes to the spreadsheet without compromising the outcome of the macro."
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Hello, my name is Steven. I don't have a resume, yet, but basically I'm just trying to do some work on the side writing Excel macros. I took Visual basic in college about ten years ago, and I've been using VBA for Microsoft Excel for about four years now. I enjoy doing it in my spare time, and I'd like to apply it to more practical things than my simple amusement. I'd be more than happy to show samples of my work to anyone who is interested. Thank you for your time.
Amelia Court House, Virginia, United States