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The attached is the first 15 pages of "Covert Maternity", a screenplay I submitted to The Industry Screenwriting Contest in October 2010 through The Writer's Store website. The title and text was inspired by a logline proposed by Simon Kinberg, screenwriter for many screenplays, including "Mr. & Mrs. Smith" which starred Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Enjoy! LOGLINE: A spy who has spent his life wining and dining young women suddenly gets a major surprise when his daughter knocks on the door.
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Screenwriting portfolio item
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Said "The response to ad requesting an artist to help us develop a 'high concept' poster has been most rewarding and I have narrowed the field to a handfull of candidates who have reached out to me about this project. I am amazed at the number of wonderful talents that are out there. The information and techological age has made it possible to view so much in a short period of time. Thank you to all who have taken an interest in this endeavor!"
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Said "Great stuff! Is there anywhere I could view your finished work?" to Steven F. Schultz
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Steven F. Schultz - Over 30 days ago
Hi Edwin,
Not at this time. A few select 'readers' have screenplays for feedback, but right now nothing is going out to the general public, but thank you for the kudos & the interest!
Best Regards,
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As a screenwriter/actor/producer living and working in Orlando, Florida I seek to market my work as well as write screenplays based upon the concepts of other creative people who are not skilled in the art of screenwriting. My screenplays are written utilizing the current industry standard for format, structure and length. As of November 18, 2011 I have 2 feature length screenplays (100+ pages) completed and 7 short subject scipts (23-54 pages) and 12 other concepts in various genre and different levels of completion. A complete list of titles can be seen on my company website (link above).
My work is developed from a solid logline from which characters are developed in a way that they have a unique voice and life of their own.
Storyline and plot is evolved using the hero’s journey as a...
Orlando, Florida, United States