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Steve Molloy

Freelance Photographer & Commercial Photographer


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Commercial Photography
About Me:
My work is uniquely defined by my preoccupation to document the world around me as I see it, often using fragmentation as a way to view normal scenes and objects in a slightly skewed way.
My photography has a life and energy that extends further than the 2D plane.
Often slightly warping the normal image with movement, fragmentation and miniaturization that takes the object further than the eye can see it and instead transfers an emotion to the image.
Whilst I prefer to document the world around me, my photos offer an emotion to the viewer that surpasses a straight documentation.
For me photography is a visual language with which to express the world as I see it. While the subject matter varies, there is a connecting thread that links my work, which is the unique emotion and tension I...
Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand