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I am new in my journey through freelance writing. I do have some experience, but I am looking to add to that while also building references. I can only hope to make a difference through my work along the way. I do take freelance jobs as a means to support my daughter. This is my primary income, so please be assured that any work I do for you will be of the best quality. Feel free to read more on my "About The Author" page. Navigate through the site for examples of work and to view my resume . I do hope you like the contents and that you may consider hiring me to do some work for you in the near future.
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Comedy Writing
Content Writing
About Me:
Objective :

I have chosen freelance writing because I am a single mother and it allows me to both provide support for and to be in the home with my daughter. The amazing thing is, I get to do this while doing what I love.

Experience Freelance Writer
[2012] Textbroker UAS, Las Vegas , NV
create unique quality articles for clients, companies and web sites
be descriptive and / or informative
professional and use proper research, supporting facts, along with correct citations

Blog Owner [2011] The Faces Of Adderall-
Provide facts and content
Up to date links and contact information
To inform the general public and consumers

Published Author
[2006] [Poetry.com]
Copy write and published both:
Oceans Apart
The Mornings Light

I worked for 22 years in customer service...
Alexandria, Louisiana, United States