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Julia Tapp - Gave 1 kudo
Said "Hi Sonny, how are you keeping? I completed my wildlife course, you should check out the pics! It was great to learn to airbrush water..... now to learn true fire! I still love your main pic... I never get tired of looking at it, awesome colours and great skill...." to Sonny Au
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Sonny Au - Added portfolio item
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Over 30 days ago -
Fantasy Art portfolio item
Julia Tapp - Over 30 days ago
Beautiful! I am still getting used to this site, how are you keeping?
This piece is stunning! I am envious :D
Sonny Au - Over 30 days ago
Thanks Julia You have some awesome skills yourself keep it up & talk soon... Peace
Julia Tapp - Over 30 days ago
Hi Sonny, cheers for that! I am taking an advanced course in airbrushing soon, can't wait!!
Sonny Au - Over 30 days ago
Add me on Face Book, to be honest you have all the bases you need to be a good airbrush artist. In the advance courses you will be taking probably wont give you much more. I use to teach the courses & its basically more stencilling & shading what you can do already, have you looked on youtube for free. from what i saw on your work you need to work more on freehand, once you master freehand the world will be yours, I hope that helps you, see you soon keep up the awesome work....Sonny
Julia Tapp - Over 30 days ago
Hi Sonny, I have been working with freehand only for the last few months.
I very rarely use stenciling these days but am really excited about my course, I am ,hoping it will give me some good automotive skills and introduction to landscapes. Thanks for the feedback, what course did you teach?. Have you heard of airbrush Venturi in Australia? , that's where I train through?
I do not have facebook at the moment I might re activate my account soon.
Julia Tapp - Over 30 days ago
I forgot to add, my freehand work can be seen on my website, I got a private lesson the other month and the teacher heaved my stencils!!! hahahaha the top 4 or 5 on that page are my new ones, do you think they are better? I do, I am proud of these ones.
anyway I am really grateful as my paintings have really jumped in quality since giving them the heave ho!!!
Hows you and your family keeping?
Sonny Au - Over 30 days ago
Yeah the Famz is famz & they are great, good to hear your tutor gave them the Heave, the only stencil I have is the skulls some flames they are always good to have eg I was asked to do an oldschool flame job with skulls inside them so out cam the stencils you can see them on my facebook under ss kustomlordz check it if you get back on. Well keep up the great work & I will check you out soon, Take care.
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Hello I am a portrait airbrush artist living in Brisbane Australia, i also brush on canvas with acrylic & oils depending on the effect & time i have to work. My backround is in the sign & graphics & advertising industry i also screen print my own brands of surf & streetwear.
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia