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Fort Walton Beach, Florida Friday April 16, 1999 Thirty-four-year-old Lindy Alvarez Ames entered the emergency room at a local hospital in Fort Walton Beach in a near panic. She cradled her infant son and was crying uncontrollably. Despite her intelligence and usual poised demeanor, she was suddenly thrust into a very unnerving position. Her six-month-old son, Jake, was congested, wheezing, and shaking, and she didn’t know what was wrong with him. She was also still shaken from the heated words her dad and her boyfriend, David, exchanged over who would drive them to the hospital. She flinched involuntarily as she heard thunder rumble in the distance as the sliding doors closed behind her. “Help me, please!” she shouted. “Could someone look at my son? He’s not breathing right. Please!” She wasn’t sure if she had been heard. Everyone in the emergency room looked so busy. She was afraid her voice was failing her, so she began again, this time louder. “Excuse me, please!”
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I can relate to singer Whitney Houston...doing something that I know is bad for me anyway. And I have no more idea how quickly my choices will lead to death than she did. She was only a year older than I am. Strong, healthy once vibrant females are not supposed to die in our 40's. What is that would make a bright, talented, beautiful woman not know how to conduct her life? Did the drugs chip away at her? Or was there something flawed in her make up that made her compromise? One woman can take a chance on love and do all sorts of silly, stupid things in the name of love and come out relatively unscathed. Yet another can think she is taking the same kinds of risks and end up no where near where she was aiming to go.
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Michelle aka Shelby Anderson runs a blog and her first novel "The House that Silence Bought" is currently on Barnes and Noble, Amazon and Books-a-Million, and is being marketed internationally. She has an outstanding project management and event coordination talent. In addition to writing skills she is capable of full-charge bookkeeping functions and profitably managing. AR / AP transactions and collections. Payroll. Strong financial acumen to develop and administer budgets. Adept at managing daily office and administrative operations, overseeing employee schedules, training new staff members, and...
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