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Professional Roaster master who needs ablaster. I am the Princess of Mean. I will give Lisa Lampenlli a run for her big foot money. Optimistic personality that will not scream fatality in a mortal kombat voice. Enjoys long walks on beach thus, throwing plastic bottle in them to circle the earth 60 more times. Resourceful writer, with Wi-Fi connection and an IPAD. Proficient with Skype. Skilled at imitating others. Well-traveled since, I do fly for free. I enjoy the pain when people have to throw away 20 ounce of Jergen lotion at airports. Expert in GPS programming. Doesn’t complain about flat tires because, I have AAA. I can fly to any state because, I dress fly and I work for the airlines. Frequent cheesier (smiling hard). I am a team player unlike Kobe. I criticize others in front of...
Indianapolis, Indiana, United States