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Shawn K. Carpenter - Added portfolio item
Another press release. A lot more samples are available ;-)
Over 30 days ago -
Writing portfolio item
Shawn K. Carpenter - Added portfolio item
A small sample of some of my writing - one of my newspaper press releases, to be exact ;-)
Over 30 days ago -
Writing portfolio item
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About Me:
A dedicated martial artist and “spiritual seeker” the majority of his life, author Shawn K. Carpenter, brings a wealth of experience and knowledge in the martial arts, personal growth, First Nations ceremonies and spiritual development arenas to play every time he puts pen to paper. Whether he is teaching, involved in ceremony or simply being a father and husband, Shawn continually leads by example, demonstrating the essential balance of a true warrior spirit!
Attaining his black belt at twelve, and opening his first Martial Arts program at the tender age of fourteen, Carpenter has been blessed with having helped many people shape and even re-shape their lives, despite sometimes seemingly overwhelming odds. He has also been fortunate to put into practice all the theories and principles...
Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada