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Sadness How could this be you made me feel like everything is going to be alright? But lately things start to change slowly it feels like we are drifting away from each other. Every day we fight you say things that get to me and hurt my feelings. Lord how did we get this way I could of swear that back in California, he made promises that he will never do me wrong. Now it’s like we are living in 2 different worlds, I can’t feel the love, all I feel is pain and disappointment I try my best not to argue or fight with you but you’re slowly pushing me away from you. I feel like I shouldn’t be here, where is a better place I can be why do I try so hard to keep him in my life How can I love someone else if I don’t love me? I feel like a broken glass, it’s like I can’t even be love in the right way. I can’t keep on crying and prying for things to get better because deep down I already know things are not going to be okay.
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About Me:
I was born in Montego Bay, Jamaica; I’m 19 years old with a thin curvy 5’2” physique and an insatiable passion for fashion and modeling. I often receive compliments on my skin tone, thin curvy body, and photogenic imagery. Although; limited modeling experience “Talent Show: Jr. High School, Bronx NY; Jr. Pageant: Montego Bay, Jamaica; and Annual Christian Performing Arts Shows Plays & Drama, Montego Bay, Jamaica” I believe that I have the required figure, height and looks to be a glamour print and commercial beauty model.

I’m outgoing and very determine; enjoy challenges, dancing and writing poetry. I can carry any costume and jewelry with ease and my facial expression are very appropriate for print modeling as well as for commercials.
Rosamond, California, United States