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Said "Hi Scott! Just wanted to drop by and welcome you to Freelanced. I am from Winnipeg and well and I do a wide range of different writing from professional proposals to plays. I also do digital art. I hope you will put up a portfolio, as I'm sure most of us on here would like to see your work. The people on here are all really great and supportive of each other. Stay warm!!!" to Scott Krilow
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Graphic Design
Flyer Design
About Me:
Scott Krilow, Graphic Designer

Branding to illustration, typography to photography, as a Graphic Designer the skills I’ve developed allow me to approach design projects from many different directions, always making sure the client remains my number one priority.

I completed the Diploma Program at Malaspina University College (now Vancouver Island University) in Nanaimo BC. During my time in the program I was able to work closely with a number of different individuals and teams on a wide variety of projects gaining valuable experience that continues to serve me well to this day.

I began my career as a professional Graphic Designer in 2007 as a freelance contractor during summer break from Malaspina. Shortly after finishing the program, I began to work as a sub-contractor to Aarbo...
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada