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Said "Hi, I am doing a weekly podcast and have a 17 year old who has been doing editing - he is very skilled, but very unreliable in terms of deadlines. He has been using Audacity to do the editing and it has worked very well. I will basically need you to add an intro and outro song for each episode and maybe do some noise reduction. You're welcome to check out the first few episodes at to get an idea of the content and purpose. Thanks!" to Scott Clarke
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About Me:
Ready to accomodate:
- Sound Design
- ADR / Voiceover sessions
- Foley / SFX
- Audio Editing
- Musical Composition

I'm a student studying at OIART in London. I'm currently looking to volunteer my sound design and audio editing skills for artists in film/animation, for the experience as well as to utilize the abundance of free studio time granted to OIART students.
I love to be challenged creatively, and have access to an abundance of professional gear and creative resources. Hoping to help someone achieve exactly what they are looking for sonically. I also study music and compose original music
London, Ontario, Canada