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i am a singer/songwriter i write songs poems and essays i am a great writer and enjoy my craft. if any songs/poems/or essays are needed please contact me for tru perfektion...

This To Shall Pass
the storms closed in around me in every direction, breath taking winds rapidly grabbing away at the space around me// im running trying to get away trapped i fall in dismay/ preying for a comforter or a miracle to come and rescue me// where r you? i call out preying to hear an answer i dont// why have you forsaken me dear lord why? i scream at the top of my lungs /hopen for a calm in the storm will it calm down? it wont// what should i do i dont know ive never experienced this type of weather in my life// yet i am constantly greeted with the same misery and strife// i cry to myself thinking...
Austin, Texas, United States