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My paintings are about recognisable things such as emotions, atmosphere, colour and texture even though they have the appearance of "abstract." The paintins may even slightly resemble landscapes. Perhaps it is even true to say that they represent a "mental" landscape redolent with images of unconscious feelings and thoughts. They do not represent specific landscapes, rather they are a juxtaposition of recollections, especially linked with atmospheric conditions which come from light and it's effect on the natural environment. This could be something like dusk remembered from a walk from some time in the past which has strong memories attached to it. It is ethereal and almost intangeable but I want, nevertheless, to attempt to communicate something of this through the medium of paint. I have always admired the group of artists known as the surrealists because of the credence they have given to dreams and the unconccious in their work.
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About Me:
I am primarily a painter interested in abstract landscapes but am also interested in most aspects of art and design. I trained in Fine Art, Theatre Design and Interior Design.
Exmouth, Devon, United Kingdom