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Sarah Nichols - Added portfolio item
A photoshop of an already existing piece I found online. The character so resembled the description I had of a character for my novel series that I took the original piece and changed the setting of the character to a more ambiguous forest-like area. The Spirit Orbs that haunt the woods in my novels dance around Nox and are very helpful to this dark maiden.
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Sarah Nichols - Added portfolio item
One of my favorites, the Judas here shows him as a cold, driven individual but still cloaked in mystery (literally). The motives behind Judas's betrayal never seemed clear to me, so perhaps there was another reason? Or perhaps Judas was asked by Jesus to betray him; much the way Dumbledore asked Snape to be his executioner.
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Sarah Nichols - Added portfolio item
An Avatar art I was asked to do for a member of GaiaOnline, an anime-based social network. I left the background a simple pale color as a stark contrast to the Panda-inspired characters.
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An avid artist and writer, I have been selling my work to my local community and friends for years. I work well under dead-lines and love a challenge that will push my skills to new heights. I am a personable and fun individual with many things to offer. ( My Fiction writing may take a little longer to put in my profile, but I will have the first chapter of some of my best work up within a week.)
Maryland, United States