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About Me:
I am 15 years old. I am a very passionate writer. I write in my spare time.
Here is an example of a poem i have recently written...

Sometimes anger
But mostly hate
Sorrows and tears i can debate
But happiness i can't seem to create
I wish i could go back
Way back in time
To the first time i stopped myself
And did not cry
And just say
Its ok
You can shed your tears
And try not to hide from your fears
Break down the wall that you've been building all these years
I find it hard to cope
With all this frustration and pain
But the truth is
I think i'm just afraid
To take a chance
To move forward
To give in
Then mabey a new life i could begin
I'll forget about my past
And not listen to these voices
Because all life seems to be
Is about making choices.

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia