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Said "I'm currently working on content for 2 fellow bloggers and also finishing an oil painting for a local customer!"
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A selection of some of my music.
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A selection of some of my artwork.
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About Me:
I have 10 years experience content writing for myself and others, including blogs, content and resume writing.

I have been singing and songwriting for 15 years and have much experience with performing and performance art. Voiceovers, ad work and collaborations are my interests, but I'm open minded to any creative endeavor.

I also paint with oils in my free time and have been commissioned for 2 still life paintings in the past 2 years (link to my site if you ask!)

Also, I spent 5 years in accounting, billing, inventor and office work. I would be a great help as a personal assistant.

I am currently a stay at home Mom so I am great with deadlines. Please, drop me a line if you want help with something.
Seattle, Washington, United States