Santana Garza

Freelance Ad Designer & Creative Writer


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Creative Writing
About Me:
I'm a big picture kind of guy.
I can see the big picture,
and understand the small
so that everything works.
I plan from whole to part.
All at's a skill.

I enjoy writing as well and believe
I have an excellent written voice,
(not to sound too arrogant :),
while writing in any form.
I can write !Amazing! facts,
news stories, descriptions,
advertisements, and
spoken word speeches.

I pride myself on being concise,
yet always covering the points
in full detail in a manner which
is easy to read/hear and

I work well with others but tend
to be the leader of the group
as I am good at seeing other's
skills and assets to the group.
This makes me invaluable at
designing and using a team
to accomplish a task.

I like people...
Rochester, New York, United States