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Said "SOULS OF THE BRAVE... Our country is divided when it comes to war, but we’re all concerned for the soldiers on tour. To fight the enemy is their main goal, and what gets them through it, is the bravery of their soul. They leave their families to fight on their own, for the freedom and safety of the land we call home. Their families must stay and support from afar, while patiently waiting to hear how they are. Their fear is silent but with them each day, as they pray that their loved one is not in harms way. Some will come home and their families will cheer, while others will dream of holding theirs near. Each soul of the brave who stood up for their part, will fight for the fallen each day in their heart. As we live our days through to the end each night, may we keep in our hearts the soldiers who stood up to fight. Let us show that their fight was not all in vain, by thinking of others and less on self gain."
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Totally agree with you.
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I am an aspiring childrens book author whose focus it to inspire people to think about various social and emotional aspects our communities without directly pointing at the theme. I find it more entertaining and rewarding for the reader to come to their own realization of theme on their own.
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I am an aspiring author looking for an illustrator for my children's book.
Hamburg, New Jersey, United States