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Said "Portraits (Peoples faces) drawn in five to ten minutes, the longer it takes~the more perfect it becomes. And different places."
Over 30 days ago -
Samuel Sikaneta - Over 30 days ago
Ohh! I can paint/ draw any where, except on air & water (liquids).
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About Me:
I, Samuel happen to be a full blown God inspired artist, doing my very best to please Our Heavenly Father, GOD. And not to tease humanity in all aspects of being an optimistic person.
Drawing / painting peoples faces in different places such as Hard paper, T-Shirts, Glass, walls etc, actualy anything except for air or liquid substances. Inclusive of painting african vilage life with a lively scenario.
I also have the need of learning more of being a creative person & not with a deceptive personality.
Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa