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Sam Jage - Added portfolio item
My first studio I assisted at. At this location I assisted producer Randy Jackson in scoring a film with more than 100 cues. Helped establish and maintain remote connection (via Source-Connect Pro) with the Belgrade Philharmonic's control room in Russia. I also provided engineering, technical and logistics support for music and film projects, including projects by Don Was, Krish Sharma, Robbes Stieglitz, Gary Meyerberg, Rhys Moody, Jean Baptiste, Mike McHenry, Ken Sluiter, Mimi Parker, Dan Naim, Keith Gretlein and Randy Jackson.
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Sam Jage - Added portfolio item
I have been involved in revamping this studio. Installing a new console, and rewiring all interfaces and outboard gear. I am currently the Staff Technician and Engineer at this studio
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Sam Jage - Added portfolio item
I have done many Tracking / Mixing Sessions at this Studio. I was the Staff Engineer, and Technician at this Studio
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I am highly qualified in Recording / Mixing / and Mastering Engineering along with extensive understanding of Studio Design / Technical Services / and Consultation. I have a strong work ethic and I hold my self accountable for creating a professional environment where the client feels comfortable and in good hands.

I graduated from the Conservatory of Recording Arts & Sciences in November of 2009, and I have built / designed / consulted / and engineered at a variety of studios in the greater Los Angeles Area. I feel I could be of service to your company as I am proficient in many broadcasting consoles from the SSL 6000 from CBS studios, to the Neve 8078 contracted for Michael Jackson's Thriller. I have extensive experience with all the major DAW software, and have a knack for editing...
Queen Creek, Arizona, United States