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Sam Hamer - Added portfolio item
here is my university portfolio as it stands, more to be added at the end of this year
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Sam Hamer - Added portfolio item
Here is my flickr account with a few photographs i have taken
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Sam Hamer - Added portfolio item
This blog contains most of my first year projects, photography, illustrations and things i have gathered whilst studying in London. I gather a lot of things and you will find most of the things i like on these blogs!
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Book Illustration
About Me:
A hard working and passionate worker pushing for high standards of working. I am adaptable to new and varied situations and preform effectively in response to time orientated pressure. Personable and good humoured currently studying Graphic design at London University of Arts in my second year and looking for work while studying in London. I have a great amount of experience and diverse selection of skills to be taken advantage of.

- A tactful problem solver, capable of working on own initiative and as an integral part of a well balanced team.
- Able to use CS4/5 Photoshop, indesign, illustrator, after effects
- Mac friendly
- Proficient time management with a pro-active approach towards multi- tasking.
- Quick learner and capable or producing fast results when required.
London, London, United Kingdom