Samantha Ramsey

Freelance Biography Writer & Children's Book Writer


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About Me:
I am your average person with one thing that makes me different from most. I have benn blessed with being able to help people express themselves with the power of words. I always had a hard time talking and expressing myself the way I wanted, but that all change the first time I decided to put what it was I was feeling on paper. And now I love helping others by writing for them. It could be something as simple as a letter to their landlord to something as serious as a eulogy for their parents funeral. I love to write and have decided to share this and when possible help others. We are all given a gift, somthing we are good at and love to do, and I personnally feel it is selfish not to share whatever your gift is with others. You never know what a huge difference you can make in a persons...
Seattle, Washington, United States