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Said "I am working on finding a release for my burning desire to write children's books. I can submit appropriate illustrations, however I am not an artist. I can't even draw a pond of water, but that doesn't mean I can't learn with the help of my computer."
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My senior years are bringing out my lifelong ambition to be a writer. Dusting off the keyboard and trimming the fingernails, I am jumping right in. As you mentioned, I am a novice. My talents lies in the arts category. I excelled , my graduation year, in English with a grade point average of 99.9. The wheels are, somewhat, rusty. Nothing that a little W-D 40 can't help, to relieve the squeak. Submitting test to Children's books, Institute of learning, I was encouraged to continue because I had the knack for writing children's books. I didn't accept the opportunity, at that time. Life's responsibility was to great. My philosophy is; it's never to late. Age is no barer to being the best you can be. I write in common, everyday language. Something even a child can understand. I have a talent...
Valrico, Florida, United States