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Said "hi my name is chris moser i am a graphic designer, musician and animator. you might like my artwork. some say it has an "edge". about 5 years ago, i discovered the free animation app. called DAZ Studio 3D. ever since then, i have been fascinated with it. i did not consider myself proficient enough until now. i now know the language enough to receive communication in it. 30 yrs.+ experience in printing & graphic arts. i have a high-end iMac and internet, phone and coffee at home and would prefer to work from there. my portfolio may provide some insight into my way of looking at things. either i have it or i don't. i trust you to be the best judge. i look forward to any comment or critique. wondering, if i could get some advice on being and entry-level idea guy. i just want to create a MOOD then hand it off to the next girl. c" to Sabrina
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In 2012 I graduated at the Alberta College of Art & Design with a Bachelors of Fine Arts Degree and a Major in Media Arts & Digital Technologies.

I work mostly using traditional forms or animation, especially those that leave room for experimentation.
Calgary, Alberta, Canada