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Said "i am writing a memoir of my indifferent, hostile and brutal upbringing in an upper-middle class home, in an upper-middle class society, by extraordinarily intelligent and dynamic people, who used the outlet they had in abusing me and blaming me for that abuse as an outlet for rage, confusion, or any other human emotions they found uncomfortable, to give them a sense of mastery over that discomfort."
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About Me:
As a journalist in periodicals and newspapers, I have sought to write hard news as economically and colorfully as accurately possible, while aspiring to imprint some of my subject's voice (when I am portraying people) in any feature I write about them. This usually helps the round out the feeling of a story, leaving not just a story about a subject's special talent or personal convictions, butr a feel for the person hinself.

I also specialize in helping people write down their feelings when they feel unequal to the concept of doing so themselves. Many people who can express themselves seamlessly in speech approach writing a letter with such dread that it becomes paralytic.

I have assisted people in finding their voices to write love letters, legal documents, gifts of poetry, succinct...
Sparta, Wisconsin, United States