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Dear Sirs;

My name is Sabina, and I started my career as a painter and airbrush artist. After some 15 years, with some exhibitions in various European countries, I decided to move into 3D computer art. In a few years I managed to venture into the digital world and got top degrees from Noroff Institute in Norway, in 3D Animation and Design using Autodesk 3dsMax. My first project was shortly after I finished my training with the short film "The Prisoner", for Richard Branson, regarding the Virgin Galactic space project. I modelled a cork holder, for the cork from the maiden trip of this space vessel, an item now to be physically produced.

As you may see from my portfolio, I really love to work with 3DSMax, and in my training I have been focusing on all aspects of 3D, including...
Oslo, Oslo, Norway