Ryan Vaughan

Freelance Portrait Artist & Greeting Card Illustrator


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About Me:
I draw anything or paint anything from sight, or verbalized to me. Either realistic, absract, or cartoonish. I have been drawing sence I was 2years old. I have been painting sence I was 11years old. I went to the University Of Kentucky Architecture School for 4 and a half years, I withdrew after having a serious finacial and strenuous life change. I moved and became a journeyman welder. I had various other jobs that had to do with the art of something. I thought metal work was an art. I worked at two metal fabrication shops. I could draw out whatever the customer wanted and make it out of metal. But, my passion has always been to master every feild of art--I see art in everything. I could write a poem of the beauty and manifest its true nature in a picture.
I am 34 years old now, working...
Goodview, Virginia, United States